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Laser cut and inlayed with hypoallergenic surgical steel or gold-plated surgical steel, 1.5 inches long. Each come in a metallic blue box decorated with washi tape. 


Hula Kahiko is a formidible art filled with percussion, lore, legend and culture. Ipu is a classic gourd hula implement used by the chanter for percussion and communication to the dancers. For more information research Hula Kahiko, or hula implements.


This earring style comes with two wood bases: Maple and Silver oak. Silver oak carries a natural iridescence and carries color beautifully, adding to an already fun piece. 


Note: Silver oak is sealed with both cyanoacrylate and enamel, however it is related to poison oak so there is the slight possibility it may not agree with your skin. As someone who breaks out during the sanding process (#worth it) I can wear the jewelry after it's sealed without issue. 

Ipu Heke Earrings

Wood Base
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