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Displays 101:
  • Need a shelf, container, pegboard or display for your personal items?

  • Yeah, we can do that!

  • See some displays at Puna Chocolate Hilo shop 277 Keawe St. or (any of the birch plywood containers in the pictures)

Initial Consultation​
  • Set an appointment

  • We go over measurements: Inner, Outer, how much room on your table or shelf, etc. 
  • How much space do you have for the display?
  • Are you packing the product as many/as tight as possible or are you trying to provide a stage and backdrop for an item to really stand out?
  • What color or stain do you want it to be? (Personal opinion- most displays are meant to be a base or backdrop with a non-descript or dark color like a flat black so the packaging and product can pop. The point is the product, not the display.)
  • Do you want it to flat pack or be a permanent fixture?
  • Would you like some signage on the back to help define the product or price?
  • Would your like your logo integrated into the display?
  • Any designs on the sides or back? (these will up the cost)
  • Is there any other small signage that you need? (pricing, standing info cards, etc)
  • NOTE: LIMITS are 10.5in x19in (laser cut area) so while the entire display may be larger, individual pieces or shelves can not extend beyond those dimensions. 
  • I primarily work in Birch Plywood sourced in the US for displays as the measurements are really consistent and it laser cuts well. I can also do acrylic, however this will come at a higher price point and it may require additional time to order the cutting supplies. I've considered local wood for this but I haven't found a source which can provide consistent enough width/sanding. (If you know of a local plywood maker I'm happy to reach out to them!)

  • 2-weeks is the standard time to design a new product (4wks if slammed)

  • The point of a prototype is to make sure the measurements and structure are how you want them. Please do not panic if the finish isn't sanded finely enough or it's the wrong color. Once the structure is to your liking we can dial-in the finish.

  • Please expect 1-3 additional meetings to verify prototyping

  • Fine tuning your product is the most tedious yet important step

  • NOTE: If your shelf/display is an alteration of our current products the prototyping stage will go much faster

  • Pricing breaks down as follows: 
  • If YOU-THE CLIENT owns the final product/distribution rights:​​

  • $60/hr design time

  • I'll simply track the design time/prototype meeting time and charge hourly.

  • End goal: you have a functional product/file and can take it elsewhere for production or can make orders with me, but I am unable to distribute it on my own. I AM allowed to share photographs/videos of the finished product in my Galleries/Social Media.

  • If I-THE DESIGNER request/have the final product/distribution rights:

  • We can talk out the design cost since I will have rights to sell the item in my online shop and in other locations. 

  • I am still allowed to share photos of the finished product but may sell the laser-cut designs online. Either way we'd work out a contract before proceeding to prototype stage. I would also verify the contract pre-production. 

  1. Prototyping Time: (includes additional meetings/fine tuning)

    1. If slightly altering a previous design for you to own exclusively: $60​

    2. If creating an entirely new design for you to own exclusively: $150 up front 

    3. Entirely new design with multi-layer design and color unique/exclusive to your brand: $300 upfront

  2. How much wood does it use? (Priced per sheet)

    1. Can you fit multiple on a sheet?​

    2. Does one display use 4 sheets of wood? (is there a clever way to map the pieces out so it uses less wood overall)

    3. Any finishes on the wood? (stain/color/etc)

  3. How much Laser time? ($1/min for first 10min and $0.10/min after that) For instance, it if takes 4 sheets and ends up to be 45 min of laser time the laser component would be $13.50/display

  4. Any post-laser color, peeling, etc? Assembly? (+$15/hr)

  5. Shipping? (Pick-up is free).


Once your file is set, and the price is set then we are off to the races!

Order whenever you need (please give me 2-3 weeks to integrate you into the schedule). Prices may go up if cost of wood/supplies goes up dramatically, but I do try to keep the prices on these as low as I can since I know this is an important tool for you as a business. ​

Scheduling Expectations

If you have a deadline please lead with it during the initial consultation. I will do what I can to accommodate, though it may mean I have requests/emails at odd hours, and will need prompt reply. I too have other commitments and while I thoroughly enjoy helping others display their products well there are some seasons that are inherently busy for me (February thru April in particular).

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