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Murals 101:
  • You are walking away with an original and permanent artwork 

  • The artist retains rights to design and redistribution of pieces or images of said artwork

  • Outdoor murals are done in exterior paint with a satin finish at minimum with Zinsser Peel Stop as an option top coat (highly recommended in areas near the ocean). 

  • Artist is not responsible for initial pressure wash (if outdoors) or priming

  • Artist is not responsible for providing heavy duty or large equipment including scaffolding, lifts or ladders.

  • For examples please visit the Mural Gallery

Initial Consultation​
  • Set an appointment with Tiffany to come out and:

  • Measure your desired mural area

  • Talk about the subjects of the mural be they marine, avian, equine, etc. 

  • If you have reference pictures they are a wonderful addition to the conversation!

  • Loose sketch plan

  • With the provided dimensions a scaled down rough work will be provided, this is usually a photoshop-style compilation of reference pictures, linework, and background textures to get a general feel for the coming mural. 

  • When possible 3 price tiers will be provided and emailed to you. NOW is the time to request creature/detail changes. Once we agree then I will be sticking to the agreed tier.

  • NOTE: Adding things.... "Oh could you just add a dolphin there, or a little whale in the distance". A tiny silhouette isn't gonna kill me, but if it expands to additional walls, or starts having additional creatures or schools we need to back up and look at the price point. I can throw on an extra 30min, but when you ask for an entirely different creature in the other corner that I wasn't expected to paint in the first place 'cause it "would be so cute" I will receive it better if it's a "Hey can I toss you another $___ to add a ______?" If this starts happening more than a couple of times its going to throw off the harmony/balance of the piece, so please be considerate and ask for these things during the initial consultation or the tier emails. 

  • Pricing breaks down as follows: 
  1. Elements are broken down and estimated out timewise (background, schools of simple fish, complex creatures like honu or horses) For instance a single honu is estimated at 7-10hrs from initial block to completed texture, whereas a school of simple colored fish is about 5-7hrs. ​

  2. Subjects are compiled and the hours are averaged. So if a mural is 5x5ft with a single tone background and has 1 school of fish and a honu we're looking at about 15-20 hrs with prep/take down the average for pricepoint would be 17.5hrs.

  3. Multiply by hourly rate.

  4. Calculate approx. number of trips and calculate mileage

  5. Estimate and add paint cost. 

  6. Provide estimate with tax. 

  7. Rinse and repeat for 2 other tiers providing 3 base choices. 

  8. Please consider if you need it done by a deadline, there are often multiple projects going on in Art of the Prose, which can make scheduling a challenge.

Scheduling and Weather
  1. If you are indoors weather is not an issue, if the mural is outdoors but well away from weather I will continue unless it's an absolute deluge and driving conditions might be iffy.

  2. When estimating "days on site" I am not estimating weather. So if I think it's going to take 20 days on site and it's on an exposed wall and rains for 3 weeks straight I'm not being lazy, I'm waiting for it to properly dry so it can last you years. There have been murals where I estimated 14 days and it took 3 months due to weather and previously scheduled projects. I had plenty of times where the weather app looked great, the site looked great and Hawai'i had a wall of water coming at me within 45min of starting. I don't want your paint damaged and I don't particularly want to do a panic-pack and drive home drenched but I do make a concerted effort to be on site when I commit to a project. 

  3. If you have a hard deadline, please lead with that. Sometimes I can work with it, and sometimes I can't but I'd rather be upfront about it so I can meet expectations.

Prepping Your Site
  1. Please make sure the area is cleared out of vegetation and that there are smooth surfaces if ladders are required.

  2. If outdoors please pressure wash before the artist arrives. There was one mural which was a redo over a previous artwork. being that it was a stones-throw from the ocean I also gave an initial coat of Zinsser Peel Stop to prevent the old mural from peeling out underneath the new one. 

  3. If under renovation please have at least one primer coat applied the day before. (I recommend Kilz to prevent mold- being that we're in Hawai'i and we need all the help we can get!)

  4. If you want to provide a base coat the color can be provided, but the artist will start working the background in and it probably has some sort of gradient, so the base coat can't HURT but it's not a necessity. The pressure washing and/or priming are more important.

  5. If you have a small shed or closet or corner for the artist to leave paint/supplies WONDERFUL otherwise it can be packed in/out each trip. Also if you wish to give the artist full access to the site please have a spare key ready and know that you'll receive texts when the artist is in route, and an updated photo of completion after each visit. If you are not present and are mid-renovation like one mural I had, I will contact you to make sure it's okay to proceed (they were putting in tiles, I didn't want to mess it up, the assured me it was dry before I went in).

Scheduling Expectations

If you have a deadline please lead with it during the initial consultation. I will do what I can to accommodate, though it may mean I come at some odd hours. I too have other commitments and while I thoroughly enjoy creating murals there are some seasons that are inherently busy for me (March and April in particular).

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