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Prototyping 101:
  • First question: does Art of the Prose own the finished design or do you? (think about it, we'll come back to this).

  • Creating your own unique display, puzzle, earrings, ornaments, etc. 

  • NOTE: Laser cutting area is 10.5x19. NO INDIVIDUAL PIECES can exceed this. 

Initial Consultation​
  • Set an appointment

  • Lets dream, whatcha makin?

  • How elaborate IS this creation? (a 3D puzzle is going to be WAY more complicated than an open tray display or ornament)

  • Do YOU have a vector file for me to use? (.ai, .dxf, .cdr, etc)

  • What's the item's purpose? (Things like strength and weight and balance may come into play)

  • If YOU-THE CLIENT owns the final product/distribution rights:​​

  • $60/hr design time

  • I'll simply track the design time/prototype meeting time and charge hourly.

  • End goal: you have a functional product/file and can take it elsewhere for production or can make orders with me, but I am unable to distribute it on my own. I AM allowed to share photographs/videos of the finished product in my Galleries/Social Media.

  • If I-THE DESIGNER request/have the final product/distribution rights:

  • We can talk out the design cost since I will have rights to sell the item in my online shop and in other locations. 

  • I am still allowed to share photos of the finished product but may sell the laser-cut designs online. Either way we'd work out a contract before proceeding to prototype stage. I would also verify the contract pre-production. 

  • Production Pricing breaks down as follows: 
  1. Prototyping Time: $60/hr+tax (includes additional meetings/fine tuning)

  2. How much wood does it use? (Priced per sheet)

    1. Can you fit multiple on a sheet?​

    2. Does one display use 4 sheets of wood? (is there a clever way to map the pieces out so it uses less wood overall)

    3. Any finishes on the wood? (stain/color/etc)

  3. How much Laser time? ($1/min for first 10min and $0.10/min after that) For instance, it if takes 4 sheets and ends up to be 45 min of laser time the laser component would be $13.50/display

  4. Any post-laser color, peeling, etc? Assembly? (+$15/hr)

  5. Shipping? (Pick-up is free).

Scheduling Expectations

If you have a deadline please lead with it during the initial consultation. I will do what I can to accommodate, though it may mean I contact you at some odd hours, and I will need a prompt reply. I too have other commitments and while I thoroughly enjoy creating prototypes there are some seasons that are inherently busy for me (March and April in particular).

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