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Custom Wholesaling 101:
  • Option A: I print a designed line for you, something you and you're company created

  • Option B: I design AND print a line that's owned exclusively by you

  • Option C: I design a line that I can sell elsewhere but I wholesale to your shop/location

  • NOTE: If I am not designing it you -the client- need to own the artwork, I'm not going to print off artwork made by other companies or not purchased from the artist. (i.e. Disney, Pokémon, etc.)

Initial Consultation​ for Custom Line:
  • Set an appointment to discuss the following:

  • Displays and Packaging

  • Product lines: Earrings, Ornaments, Keychains, Coloring Books, Artworks

  • Deadlines and Ownership of Designs

  • NOTE: IF you are a NON-PROFIT/Conservation/Rescue of some kind I'd LOVE to design works based off your patients and rescues and keep ownership, giving you a portion of the proceeds as I continue to market the product OR give you credits to purchase some of the product at the wholesale cost and retail it on your own for fundraisers. These will come in the form of a check at the end of the year or you can email me and see how much is saved up and order that amount at wholesale. For instance, if I sold 300 coloring books and I've committed $1/book to your foundation at the end of December I can get you a $300 check or give you $300 of product at wholesale pricing. 

  • See Prototyping for more information. 

  • Sketches will be make throughout the initial consultation and we can talk about wholesale prices from similar products.

  • We can work off of previous displays or create something unique to you and your shop, though the second will be more expensive.

  • It will take 4-6 weeks to develop a full line of products and displays, at which time you will receive an email containing images and their prices. 

    NOW is the time to request creature/detail changes. Once in production I will be charging the full $60/hr to change a file. 
  • Art pieces can be requested but they will fall under the Art Commissions pricing structure. 

Scheduling Expectations

If you have a deadline please lead with it during the initial consultation. I will do what I can to accommodate, though it may mean I email you at some odd hours. I too have other commitments and while I thoroughly enjoy creating products there are some seasons that are inherently busy for me (March and April in particular).

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