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Art Commissions 101:
  • Creating your own unique character, painting, drawing, laser-cut art, etc. 

  • First question: does Art of the Prose own the finished design or do you? (think about it, we'll come back to this).

  • Is this a one-of-a-kind work or is it able to be reproduced?

  • Laser Cutting ONLY: tray/cut area is 10.5x19. NO INDIVIDUAL PIECES can exceed this. 

  • Artist reserves the right to refuse if the subject is outside of skills or comfort zone. 

Initial Consultation​
  • Set an appointment

  • Lets dream, whatcha makin?

  • How elaborate IS this creation? (a 3D sculpture is going to be WAY more complicated than an open tray display or ornament)

  • Do YOU have a vector file for me to use? (.ai, .dxf, .cdr, etc)

  • How about reference pictures or loose sketches?

  • What's the item's purpose? (Things like strength and weight and balance may come into play)

  • If YOU-THE CLIENT owns the final product/distribution rights:​​

  • $60/hr design time or agreed upon flat rate in writing (emails will suffice).

  • I'll simply track the design time/prototype meeting time and charge hourly.

  • End goal: you have a functional product/file and can take it elsewhere for production or can make orders with me, but I am unable to distribute it on my own. I AM allowed to share photographs/videos of the finished product in my Galleries/Social Media.

  • If I-THE DESIGNER request/have the final product/distribution rights:

  • We can talk out the design cost since I will have rights to sell the item in my online shop and in other locations. 

  • I am still allowed to share photos of the finished product but may sell the laser-cut designs online. Either way we'd work out a contract before proceeding to prototype stage. I would also verify the contract pre-production. 

  • Pricing breaks down as follows: 
  1. If Prototype: follow Prototype Pricing

  2. If Canvas Artwork cost of supplies will be included and amount will be determined by size and complexity. For instance an 8x10 realism of grandma is going to cost more than a My Little Pony fanart 16x20.

  3. Shipping? (Pick-up is free).

Scheduling Expectations

If you have a deadline please lead with it during the initial consultation. I will do what I can to accommodate, though it may mean I contact you at some odd hours, and I will need a prompt reply. I too have other commitments and while I thoroughly enjoy creating prototypes there are some seasons that are inherently busy for me (March and April in particular).

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