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Hair pins have been used for centuries to secure up-dos, french twists, buns and more. While I've seen plenty at Merrie Monarch with ohe-kapala styles I thought it would be worth it to expand the local repertiore. 


These run approx 7in long and 1/4in thick, and start out as laser cut, but definitely need to be hand-sanded, finished and buffed. They get extra love and attention, and if I ever get a CNC I'm sure additional dimension will be worked in. 


Being a wood product there will be natural variation in shade and gradient with striations or other natural markings of the wood.


While the initial release made use of our reclaimed Queensland Maple, we are looking to expand into other woods such as koa, earpod and monkeypod. Please bear in mind that the darker or more ornate the wood grain the less the design will show. We source all of our wood from Kamuela Hardwoods in Waimea, they are a reclaimation center that have the resources and equipment to mill all our products to the proper dimensions.


This is finished in the Kamuela hardwood natural finish which is: food grade mineral oil, organic beeswax, carnuba wax, and "tree hugs". 


Koa has a wide range of colors, variation and chatoyancy ranging from $45-200/bdft. When the tree starts buckling under it's own weight we get visual undulation called "chatoyancy" from the compressed cellular structures. It's color runs the full range from chocolate through the red tones, sometimes with yellow streaks. The newest growth can be a light white color and often is overlooked. Our finishing process restructures and strengthens the otherwise soft white grain for your enjoyment.  

Hair Pick Dolphin

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