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During the time of King Kamehameha he was gifted cattle, and needed a way to herd them. So a solid 100 years before the "Old West" Mexican Paniolo came out to the islands and taught the Hawaiians the art of ranching. This lives on strong today in the community of Waimea on Hawai'i Island, thus leading to our Paniolo line!


3.5x3.4in Laser Cut Birch Plywood Ornament (NOT water resistant/proof)


Being a wood product there will be natural variation in shade and gradient with striations or other natural markings of the wood. Sometimes there may be variance in paint tone or coloration, though the extra work makes for a really fun result!


Birch Plywood (for durability) and multiple ribbon options for your Christmas tree this season. 

2-Tone Tatau Horse Ornament - Circle

Ribbon Color
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