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Coloring Book Debut

Imagine a child or small animal frolicking, flailing every which way in pure joy... that's me right now.

So here's the cover for my first-ever coloring book. I'm still digitizing the inner pages, but the Hawai'i Wildlife Center has already gone over it and confirmed the phone numbers and everything are good.

In addition I've gotten outstanding feedback. And within about a day I've already gotten 2 additional groups requesting my skills. One for a logo, and the second is for a line that I will be giddy about... forever. Kumu Michelle Manu who teaches Hawaiian Lua wishes to make a line which covers her life story as well as her martial art. (Insert joyous flailing here.) I have been meaning to make my own kata-manual in a similar form for a while, giving illustrations to my understanding of the technique. This will be such a fabulous journey covering both our arts! And she's open to working on an entire basically forever.

This lines up with a brain-child which is developing which will be called "Harem of the King". It would be a Webtoons comic (my relaxing place), which would have a situation similar to the Khan Empire expansion which was... massive. It would follow the son of said conqueror and his choice to make his body guards female martial artist from places around the conquered world. It wouldn't be our world exactly (cause I'd hate to get a cultural detail wrong) but it's certainly going to be close. Different arts would go on different missions to counter each others strengths and weaknesses. I won't go into more details 'cause... spoilers.. but it will be fun!

So now I just gotta finish 2.25 more coloring books, do a bunch of paintings and greeting cards for Christmas and get Art of the Prose kicked off properly.

*Stares at pile of work that goes with "living the dream".... I... should go...

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