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Whale House Mural Complete!

So as the planet knows, Covid-19 has disrupted MANY things here in 2020, one of which was the owners of the Whale House Mural from coming back while I had wrapped up the cetaceans and the honu. Once they got back we had another meeting discussing options for additional color as the original mural had kelp.

For those who know me, if I had certain skills which were more conducive to a science/lab setting I probably would have become a marine researcher of some sort. Thus I researched the dolphins, humpbacks and honu with kelp and found reference material from the California coast where they play amongst kelp during their travels. I also have several books of local creatures be they fish or invertebrates. It was decided that the contents of the mural should be Hawaiian and we added a series of local pencil urchins, squirrelfish, filefish, butterfly fish, moorish idols and the humuhumunukunukuapua'a.

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