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Whale House Mural

Aloha! Welcome to 2020! New Decade! Fresh start, all that jazz!

My first coloring book is out! I basically spent 2-3 days visiting a BUNCH of shops in Hilo and all the way up Hamakua to Waimea. Got a couple wholesale, few consignment, and a couple of FANTASTIC connections!

That said, between Mod 1 for Seifukujitsu sending about 1 instructor to our house per month, Convention, 'Ohana on Oahu, and Camp Hawai'i (I'm SO excited for this year's lineup!!) as well as few shifts a week at Puna Chocolate, about 10-12 hrs of jujitsu/seifu/wk I'm gonna work projects in as I can. The current big project is a mural down Pahoa way!

SO here's the original, it's about 40 yrs old and as you can see has experienced some sun and oxidation.

That said, they are allowing me to play with the anatomy a bit, and we're throwing around some ideas. I have a version which pulls from photos of whales and is pretty close to the original.

And if they let me play, then I've got these options available.

We will see which one they pick and I'll take pictures of the progress for another post!

In addition keep your eye out for the following projects:

Kumu Michelle Manu Coloring Book

Rapid 'Ohia Death Coloring Book ('Ohia Love)

Pueo Coloring Book (Hawai'i Wildlife Center) - everyone at the Christmas fair was asking for owls.

More to come!

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