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Whale House Mural

Aloha! Welcome to 2020! New Decade! Fresh start, all that jazz!

My first coloring book is out! I basically spent 2-3 days visiting a BUNCH of shops in Hilo and all the way up Hamakua to Waimea. Got a couple wholesale, few consignment, and a couple of FANTASTIC connections!

That said, between Mod 1 for Seifukujitsu sending about 1 instructor to our house per month, Convention, 'Ohana on Oahu, and Camp Hawai'i (I'm SO excited for this year's lineup!!) as well as few shifts a week at Puna Chocolate, about 10-12 hrs of jujitsu/seifu/wk I'm gonna work projects in as I can. The current big project is a mural down Pahoa way!