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Mountain View Catchment

The modern day and age is impressive, I appreciate the concept of sharing on social media which led me to my 3rd local mural out in Mountain View. (The other is in an office of the UHH Theater) The workspace is actually about the same size being a 50ft circumference by 8ft tall catchment, (though I also suggested doing the top could be fun, so that does increase the surface area). No ladders on raw lava this time!

It started in May, and I fully admit that here at the end of September I'm not done yet due to the simple words "Have fun". (terrible TERRIBLE words which bring all the joy and WAY too much detail! LOL). The other delay on this one is the weather is MUCH more of a factor being in prime farmland that gets almost daily showers, which is GREAT for the plants, and not so great for the muralist.

I will go into the full breakdown on a later blog, but here's some of the sections that are done in this running work-in-progress...

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