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Original Acrylic - 20x20in


Dolphins have, and will always be, a great source of inspiration and joy in my life. Their clear intelligence, curiousity and playful nature are elements I resonate with.


In my research I found 2 words in reference to dolphins, the first and most common is 'naia', and the second was 'nu'ao' or 'the whistling multitudes'. 


As a resident I understand that most of the dolphins are nocturnal, and I'm not in support of dropping a bunch of tourists around my nap area, I'd wander off too. What I do find magical is the individuals who are snorkeling at Pu'uhonua Honaunau and other reefs and hear the whistles, only to find themselves surrounded by a pod who wants to play around dawn or dusk. Playing on their terms, with their rules in their home, what a joy! 

Lele Ka Houpo i Ka 'Oli'oli - The Heart Leaps for Joy (Original)

  • Take a piece of Hilo home with you, it's flora, fauna, or a touch of Hawaiian culture to grace your home. 

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