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12x12 Signed and Framed Artwork (standing or hanging ready)


Laser Cut panel with hand-painted design mounted in 12x12 frame, and a Certificate of Authenticity will ship in 7-14 days.  


Tax and Shipping is included. 


May 4th 2018 the Big Island released a series of earthquakes and aftershocks which rattled the residence (myself included) as it tore open a series of fissures in Leilani Estates. The lava drained from from Halema'uma 'u crater at the summit of Kilauea, traveling miles underground to Fissure 8 where it poured out in rapids of lava, shooting over 100 ft in the air as it exited the fissures. As it made it's way along the surface it took out over 700 homes, entering the ocean at various places and taking out the warm ponds and reefs of the Kapoho community, spitting up laze and covering many fields in noxious gas. 


But such is natural when living on a volcanic island. This piece "Dance of the Ancients" is based on some of the Hawaiians who went and visited the lava to pay respects to their ancestors, the lava, and their culture. As is traditional with Pele meles (songs/chants), the dancers and chanters are adorned in lehua blossoms representative of Pele's sister Hi'iaka. 


This piece depicts Fissure 8, and just such a dancer, with an Auntie chanting in the foreground among the lehua blossoms. In the distance on the second panel the laze plume can be seen billowing up from the sea entry point. Madame Pele is also seen in the clouds above Fissure 8, joining in the hula. 


The design was created in Fall 2018 by Tiffany while she was working for The Makery, commemorating the event with a lantern which glowed red and orange like the lava and the sky in Pahoa during the event. As with the original intent, a portion of the profits will be given to Pu'uhonua O' Puna to aid the displaced families. 


Since the lantern model had changed, the panels needed to be reworked as well, so Dr. Scott gave Tiffany these, making them a limited edition run of 12 framed pieces. There are currently 2 in Thailand, and a few amongst local residence. Frames are black or dark brown and there is natural variance in each one due to the nature of the hand-painted background, and the stains used on the laser-cut panel. 


There are only 5 remaining for online sales! Order today!

Dance of the Ancients 12x12

  • Keep out of direct sunlight. 

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