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Magic of Silver Oak

What a FUN discovery! I mean I KNOW wood grains are so outstandingly varied, and finishes can just make a grain GLOW but WOW!

This will be a regular in my repertoire now, its just lets me play with it like watercolor and then makes the giddy glittery child in me giggle as I move it around in the sun after it's all finished up.

What's even more fun is you can play with the finish so there are hidden markings that come out when the light hits it just right. You can BET I'll be playing with this!

I'm so glad Kamuela Hardwoods gathers such varied grains, it makes me wonder what I could do with some of the other "weird" light grained stuff, which is GREAT cause while it's really pretty, it doesn't serve structure well, so its mainly for us artsy people, but currently mostly resin artists... Hmmmm.... that's an experiment for another day...

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