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Endangered Species Art

Christmas Craft Fair... (I know it's only June, but talk to professional Crafters, they understand). So last year I was permitted both by the Fair, and by the Makery via exchange to sell my personally designed bookmarks, earrings, and ornaments that I designed for them.

This year I want to start my own line of products. Something that allows me to share my art AND help the endangered species on the island. After doing some research I've reached out to 4 groups here on the Big Island: Ke Kai Ola (monk seal rescue with the Marine Mammal Center), the Hawaii Island Hawksbill Recovery Project, Rapid 'Ohi'a Death Research Group at UH, and the Hawai'i Wildlife Center up in Kohala with a single goal... creating a line which benefits them and their cause.

How? By December I want to have created a line of paintings, greeting cards, and coloring books which give a portion of the profits to them. The coloring book would follow a simple story of one of their rescue patients. I want to take these to local shops, and online to spread the word about what they do through my artwork.

Good news! Two have answered back and are allowing me to use their logos to promote them!

Hawai'i Wildlife Center specializes in wild bird rescues, and have a story about a baby 'io (Hawaiian hawk) and a pueo that I'd like to make into coloring books

And the UH system is spearheading a research project to study the effects of ROD, how the disease works and spreads. Their coloring book will feature the different environments where the blossoms grow, and the endangered birds that tend to thrive due to the 'ohi'a's presence.

As I tackle these projects I'm hoping more will come along. Wyland did the same type of thing for humpback whales, and I'd love to have my personal lines center around this theme for the foreseeable future.

That said, I am seeking out some smaller projects in the meanwhile, and potentially some pre-order packages so I can get the capital needed to take said coloring books and order them in bulk. So if you know anyone who needs a logo, painting, or graphic design, I feel this project, while ambitious, is doable before the Christmas Craft Fair, and needs about $3,000 to have all the products in hand. (And if things happen sooner I'll take them to local stores and see if they want to carry them!)

If you have any ideas, additional local groups, or suggestions feel free to email me at!

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