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Acrylic Original Triptych 20x20 panels


“Koholā Inuit” translated from Hawaiian and Inuit is “Humpback People”. 


In Inuit legends Sedna keeps the humpbacks from hunters by safely tangling them in her hair beneath the waves while Hawaiians consider them to be a physical manifestation of Kanaloa. 


The humpback whales traveling from Alaska to the Hawaiian islands are considered “people'' to the indigeneous cultures. So as to say creatures with their own language and culture, to be treated as equals if not greater. While this group makes this particular trek, humpback whales are in every ocean interacting with regional cultures, they are the great nomads. 


These behemoths cast their bubble nets in the icy waters to gather food and prepare for the long journey to the tropics to have their young, their songs echoing through the depths all along the way.

Koholā Inuit (Original)

  • Take a piece of Hilo home with you, it's flora, fauna, or a touch of Hawaiian culture to grace your home. 

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